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Lodging in Los Cabos

There are many options to Accommodate you, so you can have the best time in your visit to this fine destination. Many options go from great and fancy Resorts, boutique hotels, small budget Hotels, inns and Bed and Breakfast.

And also you can find great Vacation Rentals just to feel a little like home in a great Villa, or your own apartment in a Condo. Check by yourself which one feels better right for you that suits all your needs for your stay and have pleasant stay.
  • Where is Los cabos Located on a Map

    Where to stay in Los Cabos Mexico

    Holiday in style in Los Cabos. Enjoy some of the most exclusive accommodation on the country; from the plush 4* luxury of trendy boutique and intimate hip hotels to...
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    All the great things in the same place, to make your vacations great having the best amenities at hand everytime and anytime you want without having to step out from...

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    Go visit this beautiful place, come back to your preffered lodge, have some rest, relax and do it again.

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    Find some of the best places with the features you are looking for in this personalized and smalls stablishments that also get you a greatful and delicious meal to start...

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    There is a great pleasure to have a complete villa just for you. All you have to do is to open the door and enjoy all the amenities and adventages a property like this...

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    Things to do in Los Cabos Mexico

    Maybe you are looking for some whale watching tours (on season), scuba or snorkeling tours, sunset cruises, island and beach cruises, jet ski, even Camel Rides and many...
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  • Popular places in Los Cabos Mexico

  • Cabo San Lucas

    Cabo San Lucas

    Where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean collides, a great Resort town home some of the best rated worldwide Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants and Clubs.

  • San Jose del Cabo

    San Jose del Cabo

    The Cabo San Lucas sister city, a pretty relaxed town along the Tourist Corridor and the closest point of the Los Cabos International Airport

  • Pescadero
  • Todos Santos
  • Los Cabos Corridor
  • East Cape

    The far east side of Los Cabos, well known as Cabo del Este, the calm and tranquil side of Los Cabos Mexico where places like La Rivera, Cabo Pulmo and Los Barriles...

  • Great places to stay in Los Cabos Mexico

    Los Cabos as a Holiday Resort destination, has plenty of Luxury Hotels and Resorts that can easily match any desire for any deal you are looking for, that will make the best time in Mexico.

    Restaurants and Bars

    What would it be a great destination without the best best food and drinks it can offer.

    In this place you can find a very wide range of Restaurants starting from traditional Mexican Food, to International such as Mediterranean, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Japanesse, and of course, plenty of places to enjoy a great Coffee, all of them made with high quality local products.

    There are lot of Bars to sit back and relax as well as many Nightclubs to party while you are traveling.

    Eating and Drinking in Paradise

    This destination has some of the best places to eat in the entire country, along with the best luxury and exclusive resorts and spa comes the best places, some fancy restaurants and fine dinning to enjoy it´s original and exquisite cuisine.

    Find here some useful local guides to the most popular places in the area like the fun and active Cabo San Lucas, calm and sleepy San Jose del Cabo, the Magic town or Pueblo Magico of Todos Santos and it?s surfspot neighbor Pescadero, the stretch with lot of beaches, cool resorts and great views Los Cabos Corridor, East Cape?s favourite nice and relaxed city of Los Barriles and La Ribera, and the great kite surfing spot in the Baja Sur La Ventana .

    This Vacation Spot is surrounded with lot of nature so most of it?s attraction are Natural Formations, beautiful clear turquoise water Beaches like Medano, Playa Palmilla, Costa Azul just to name a few.
    Many open espaces, lot of desert, mountains, the Sea fo Cortez and the Pescadero, just to start.

    What to do in your Vacations

    There are lot of activities to fully enjoy this places starting with some basic Sightseeing Tour to see all the beauties that surrounds, some sports like Sportfishing and Golfing, and some exiting Canopy Tours. Of course if you want to relax a little and go to watch a movie there are some Movie Theaters.


    Most of the best products from the mainland Mexico can be found here to make an excellent souvenir like Handcrafts, Tequilas and local Wines, Bakeries, Clothing, Jewelry, and many of the best international brands, mostly in Malls and Shopping Centers. Don?t hesitate in buying great products, for you, your family and friends.

    Tourist Vacation Guide to Los Cabos Mexico

    Welcome here you will find some of the best hotels in the region, local weather information and more.

    Where is Cabo?

    Cabo is located in the Baja California Sur peninsula, a Mexican resort destination well known for its luxury resorts and fine dining, as well as spa resorts.

    Check our Maps, youl will find easily where Los Cabos San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo are located in the area, along with Restaurans, Spa Resorts for your delight, luxury Resorts and all kind of Hotels that suites all your needs.

    This destination is two hours driving to La Paz Baja California Sur Mexico, a nice quiet city yuo can visit all the way along from the scenic route next to the Pacific Ocean or by the mountains close of the sea of Cortez by the LC Airport way.

    In Los Cobos you can find Todos Santos, a small town with some nice hotels and boutique hotels inside an artistic Comunity. Here you can find the Famous Hotel California.

    Las Cabo is popular for its Golf Courses, some are close from Cabo San Lucas downtown, some others along the Tourist Corridor as well as the San Jose Hotel zone.

    You can acces Cabo by air, it has two airports, a large international Airport located in San Jose del Cabo, and one small airport in Cabo San Lucas, mainly used for small planes, private charters and small comercial lines.

    The Location in Baja California Sur, it is privileged for being a desert surrounded by the Ocean Pacific and the Sea of Cortez, well known as the world´s acuarium, by it´s vast marine species, it makes a unique place with lot of things to see and do

    such as snorkeling in the best places near San Jose del Cabo.

    Here you can find a wide selection of the best places to stay in the best spots of Cabo, such as San Jose del Cabo Marina, Cabo San Lucas Marina as Well and popular places as beautiful beaches and also the brand new Cabo resorts.

    New Luxury Resorts and premium amenities are comming to this precious destinations like  Vidanta East Cape a full Grand Luxxe Residence Club, a Four Seasons Resort and a Ritz Carlton.

    Great amenities such as Omnia Los Cabos along with Herringbone Restaurant, SHOREbar and Casa Calavera brought by Hakkasan at the Vidanta Grand Mayan turning it into a Luxury Boutique Resort like no other.

    if you are looking for more than a Hotel or resort, there are more lodging options such as Luxury Villas, Houses, and Condo rentals.

    Here you will find some options of what to do, or things you can not miss in your visit to Cabo, we try to have a small guide of top places Cabo has to offer.

    Find Vacation Hotels deals specially made for you, try the best all inclusive resorts in Cabo San Lucas, the best Cabo Resorts for Families are waiting for you, check where to stay in your travel to Cabo.

    Many honeymoon and weddings are celebrated in Cabo Resorts on the beach, you can host a unforgettable experience so check the great packages hotels offer, they will be more than happy to help you.

    Not sure what yo see in Cabo? check or things to do, and Attractions sections and find some of the most popular spots you should not miss.

    Want to own a piece of paradise, Real Estate options in Todos Santos, Cabos San Lucas, San Jose and also Cabo del Este (the East Cape) are available to make your visit and extended stay.

    Visiting Cabo San Lucas and it´s surroundings never been easyer, lot flights connects from many major city airports in the US making Cabo San Lucas the biggest tourism deal for it´s tourist attractions and great weather year round.

    Most Popular in the Area

    There are a few places that are having so much attention in this place, and they worth the mention, some are popular, some are new or renovated, but certainly are some places to have a very good time.

    Like the Happy Ending Cabo San Lucas Bar, a place you should pay a visit while in Cabo, doesn´t matter you are a tourist or just a local looking to have some fun in a place with happy endings.

    A great place between locals outside from the beathen path is Chiltepinos Patio Los Cabos where a cold beer, great food and nice music awaits.

    The place where you can enjoy a very good time whatching the latest flicks is Cinemex Cabo San Lucas specially with the Platino section the cool place where you can have some wine or beer along with the Movie and some other premium snacks.

    And when it comes to party, good time in a chic modern place the
    ME by Melia Cabo San Lucas on Medano Beach is one of the best options and it has the famous and great Marlin Ibiza beach club with great music, nice drinks and food.

    There are more to come... keep tuned!